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maandag 14 mei 2012

RPM (thrust) Test --- PART 3

There is one test left to run on the original setup. Replacing the battery with a 3 Cell lipo. I currently have no small 3cell lipo that fits in to the original battery holder. Small 3Cell 11.v 800mah batteries exist and they have the same weigth as my nimh battery and would fit in to the original battery holder.

In the movie you see I use a large 3cell lipo. The result of 19000rpm is enormous. This will produce 170 gram of thrust per motor. When I would use a small 800mah 3cell lipo the result may be different. But you can be shure that you will get at least 16000rpm resulting in 120 gram of thrust per motor. With a 3cell lipo you will get a ratio around 1:1. With this amount of power you can fly it as an acro plane.

The only problem with a 3cell lipo is that these motors are not made for this voltage (wattage). So flying full throttle for a long time can overheat and damge the motors. So only try this at your own risk :)

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