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donderdag 17 mei 2012

Rebuilding the Goose

As we saw in our previous test, we can increase the power of this little cheap rcplane just by changing the battery.  But we know that the original brushed motors are not efficient and make this plane heavy. To get more performance or increase efficienty and flighttime I will rebuild this Tin Goose.

I'll replace the 3 original brushed motors by 1 brushless motor. After looking arround I found the Turnigy 2730 Brushless Motor 1700kv. This motor should fit in to the nose of the Tin Goose and would give me enough thrust on a 2cell Lipo combined with a 7 or 8 inch folding prop.

This modification reduces the weigth of the plane with 70 grams. In the next blogs I will test this rebuild with several types of battery and with a 7" and 8" folding prop.

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