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zondag 13 mei 2012

RPM (thrust) Test --- PART 2

The next test is obvious. Replace the Nimh battery with a Lipo battery. We all know that Lipo batterys are more powerfull and weigth less. I replaced the "7.2v nimh 700mah battery" with a "2Cell 7.4v lipo 800mah battery". This type of replacement will fit nicely in to the original battery holder. This will also result in a total aircraft weigt of 420 gram (30grams less).

As you can see in the movie I got 12000rpm with this 2cell lipo battery charged up to 7.58v. Thats a good result so far. This will produce 60grams of thrust per motor. Giving me 180grams of tot thrust. And that should be enough to fly this plane as a trainer in no or low wind conditions.

But we would like to have even more power. Just to fly it like a sportsplane or just to add more weigth like an onboard camera or an autopilot board. Testing continues.

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