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zondag 12 augustus 2012

Test comparison

And here it is the comparison table of all my tests. 
(higher thrust / weight Ratio is better, red lines are setups that are not flyable)

As you see my modified setup with 8x4.5 inch prop and 7.4 lipo battery is the winner.  The original setup with a small 3cell lipo is also a good choice when we only look at the thrust/weight ratio. But note that the original setup has brushed motors. The brushless motor in my modified setup is more efficient and this could extend flighttime with up to 20%

what's next:
- If I have the time I will try to make some real flying videos of setup 9 and 10 (see table). If possible I'll also try to make some nice FPV videos.
- currently I'm on my other project (quadcopter). Porting Arducopter (DiyDrones) to a Arduinomega compatible device. When this project has succes I'll try to equip this tingoose with a ported Adruplane kit.

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