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vrijdag 11 mei 2012

Tin Goose

This is the story of my "Reely Tin Goose" RC airplane. Tuning and rebuilding it from an original trainer setup to a real powerfull sport rc plane.

- 100 cm wingspan
- 3 x FK180 brushed motor
- 3 x 4.3 inch prop
- weight 450grams

- 4ch RC TR/RX
- 7.2volt Nimh 700mAh battery

The problem with the original setup is that it's really hard to fly. I only managed to fly about 2m without crashing in a compleet no wind condition. The combination of motors, prop and battery does not deliver enough power (thrust) to keep this rcplane in the air.

In this blog I'll try to find some solutions to increase power and get this thing to fly like a sport plane.

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